Hailey Bieber Sizzling Halloween Costume: Channeling Carmen Electra’s Scary Movie Moment

Hailey Bieber got a scary Halloween surprise

Hailey Bieber, the 26-year-old model and founder of Rhode Skin, showed off her hot Scary Movie-inspired Halloween outfit to her Instagram fans. She mirrored Carmen Electra’s memorable opening scene from the original horror-comedy movie from 2000 in her brave performance. The outcomes were nothing less than exciting.

A Hot Tribute

Hailey was brave enough to show everything in her Halloween costume—just her white underwear—to copy Carmen Electra’s famous move. She easily copied the scene from the movie by wearing a handmade Victoria’s Secret lace push-up bra and cheeky bottoms that matched. She finished off the look with Converse sneakers and stood in the way of lawn sprinklers while easily exuding the sexiness of the famous scene.

Hailey Bieber Getting Ready for the Big Scene

Hailey did a great job of capturing the spirit of Carmen Electra’s character in the movie in her Halloween tribute. As the actor, she shared a picture of herself wearing a white sweater and calling for help on a number before dangerous things happen.

What a Chilling Experience

Hailey took pictures with someone dressed as Ghostface, the notorious bad guy from the Scream movies, to get even more into the Halloween mood. The pictures showed a tough fight, which gave her outfit a scary touch.

Hailey Bieber Style with a Slick Back

Hailey’s wet, slicked-back hair looked like Electra’s in the scene where her character plays the naive girl in her cover picture. Even though she had to go through a sexy water scene while being chased by Ghostface and even got stabbed, her Halloween role was lighter, with the character being saved by a breast implant.

Two times as much Halloween fun

It wasn’t just one night of Halloween fun for Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber. Before she dressed as Carmen Electra, they dressed as Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm from The Flintstones the night before. Hailey wore a racy PVC outfit, and Justin’s naked look brought back Bamm-Bamm. Their takes on the songs were a hit at Vas J. Morgan and Michael Braun’s fancy Los Angeles Halloween party.

Baby Pebbles by Hailey Bieber

Hailey dressed up as Baby Pebbles for this yearly event with lots of famous people, wearing a skintight outfit and a red bobbed wig. Her signature ‘B’ pendant chain covered in diamonds was the only thing that finished off the look.

Justin’s Boom Boom

Along with her, Justin dressed up as Bamm-Bamm, complete with yellow pants with fur and a striped baseball cap. The Flintstones costume they chose was fun and silly.

Having a Different Look

The night before the Flintstones-themed outfits, Justin went to Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber’s Casamigos party by himself. A report from Entertainment Tonight says he went without Hailey to hang out with friends.

How Matching Styles Work

People often notice how different the Biebers’ clothes are when they are seen together. Hailey talked about this and said that it was because they were getting ready at different times. She made it clear that Justin usually gets ready first. And then, that their clothes always show what they want to wear for any event.

That being said

The Carmen Electra-inspired Halloween costume that Hailey Bieber wore. And then, the Flintstones-themed outfit she wore with Justin were both stylish and fun. Her creative descriptions and sexy clothes left a long impression on social media, and her explanations for why they dressed differently showed how the pair interacted. The Biebers continue to fascinate their fans with their cutting-edge fashion choices and fun ways of marking important events.