Big News: Google’s App Store Declared Illegal Monopoly

A federal jury just dropped a game-changer, ruling that Google’s app store is running an illegal monopoly. Epic Games, the brains behind “Fortnite,” battled it out with Google for ages in this trial. They went head-to-head over things like the fees for in-app purchases and Google’s rules that shut out other app stores from Android devices.

What Went Down?

The jury’s call might just put a crack in the armor of app store giants. For years, they’ve dodged claims of being monopolies. But now, it’s a different story. Tim Sweeney, the big boss at Epic Games, cheered, calling it a “Victory over Google!” Yep, the jury sided with them on all counts.

Google’s Take?

Google’s not taking this lying down. They’re gearing up to fight the verdict. According to Wilson White, Google’s VP of Government Affairs, Android and Google Play offer more choices and openness compared to other big mobile platforms. They’re standing strong, ready to defend their business model and their users.

What Happens Next?

So, with this ruling, there’s more to come. They’re looking at how Google runs its app store and might shake things up. Think changing how Google takes fees from developers or making it easier for other app stores to set up shop on Android devices.

Epic vs. Apple vs. Google

This isn’t Epic Games’ only rodeo. They’ve been taking on Apple too, but that battle hasn’t swung in their favor yet. Epic’s still holding out, appealing to the big shots at the US Supreme Court.

The Backstory

Epic Games wasn’t alone in this fight. Loads of app developers have been calling out Apple and Google for their tight rules and crazy fees just to get on their app stores. Epic even admitted to breaking the rules on purpose, all to force this showdown. That move got “Fortnite” booted from both app stores, starting these legal fights.

Why the Fuss?

Apple and Google defend their app store ways, saying it’s all about keeping things safe. Google points out that Android lets users grab apps from other places, unlike Apple, which sticks to its own app store. They’ve also accused Epic of wanting the perks of being on the Google Play Store without doing their part.

What’s Congress Saying?

Lawmakers tried stepping in with rules to help app developers, but those got shot down after Apple and Google went all out against them.

Cheers for the Verdict

Consumer advocates are cheering this verdict. They’re seeing it as a big win against Big Tech’s power. Katherine Van Dyck from the American Economic Liberties Project says it’s a win for justice against tech giants.

What’s Next for the Internet?

According to tech guru Anil Dash, this ruling could shake things up big time online. He’s talking about app stores opening up, social media platforms connecting more, and even search engines taking a hit. It’s a big shift that could change how we use the internet in a major way.


So, that’s the scoop. Google’s app store got a big thumbs-down from the jury, and it might just pave the way for some serious changes in the tech world. Stay tuned for what’s next in this epic saga!